-What happens What Happens When You Die?


This is no small topic, so please take a few moments to read on.

In this article we will discuss a little of my personal experience with death and the other side, along with plenty of science to back it all up.

I have had several encounters with death from the age of 18. With 3 failed attempts at suicide, the decision was made to live fully, to be as best of a human being as possible and to learn what life was all about.

But What Happens When You Die?

In the months later I had many experiences that led me to know that there is so much more than the physical world we exist in. I found that most of what I had learned through religion, science, school and society was conflicting these experiences. I needed some evidence, some science, justification to help me understand these irrational experiences. I soon began to read book after book and compile information and others experiences.

The Scars of a Child

I will begin however, with some of the research I have done; research on many ideas of life after death, NDE (near death experiences), religious views on death and philosophical ideas on death. One story that has stuck in my mind is of a woman in the US who had her first child in the mid 80’s. The young girl was born very ill and spent most of her time in hospital over the years. In one of her surgeries a large cut was made across her chest to insert a tube, which healed into a distinctive scar. After two years of struggle, the girl died much to her mother’s dismay. Several years later in the late 80’s, having recovered from the trauma, the woman was ready for another child. She had a baby boy who grew strong and well.
A few years later in the early 90’s a 3rd child, baby girl arrived. The girl was born with a birthmark on her chest identical to the scar of the woman’s first, now deceased child. As the girl grew older she felt herself to be the older sister of her older brother and had memories of an experience where she had been ill and died. The memories were very detailed and with no other explanation.This account alone, if taken seriously, is enough to begin one’s own questioning into what death is all about. And is there really such a thing as death at all? Furthermore there are thousands of documented cases of people who remember previous lives. Details of these memories include: the family members, house and occupation in the life and many minor details of the life that could not have been fabricated. These accounts have been rigorously investigated and with no doubt that these people are recalling a memory from a life they experienced in a different body. Many firsthand accounts are available on YouTube and other places by searching: “evidence of past life”. Many investigative TV shows have also been made throughout the years, all coming to the same conclusions: “reincarnation is for real”. These stories all have a very common thread among them which can help to understand what happens when we die.

The Outer World

An out of body experience (OBE) I had, that sounds out very clearly to this day, began as I lay back in bed and closed my eyes. My head touched the pillow and I began to sink deeply within myself. It was like falling asleep, but as the thoughts/ego began to fall away, my perception of the body changed. It was all happening with a rush, similar to feeling dizzy but instead of spinning, being pulled fast in one direction, away. The physical body now looked like a large, hard, hollow shell which I was behind and on the inside of, looking out through into the physical world. It seemed more like a 2D drawing of the world and the body was the picture frame of a fish eye perspective of the world. I was looking at a slice of the body and my room from a 3rd person view.

I slowly became more accustomed to this very unusual experience and as the rush of leaving the “normal perception” passed, I was aware that I was a golden yellow orb. It became clear, as a bright golden orb in space, that there was a vastness out behind me, out the backdoor to a whole new world. The confines of the body were an illusion now, for I had moved backwards out of the body into a vast universe. Not up into space as one may expect, off into the stars. I had moved down or deep inside. It seemed as though the entire universe is inside of us all and the body is like a glove to be able to interact with this physical world.

I began to move out of the body into a world that was made up entirely of energy, vibration, colour and feeling. Nothing was solid or hard, it was all so light, free and infinite. It was so real, so tangible, everything was so alive, a thousand times more real than when you wake from a dream and feel like it has actually happened. I can not explain how “real” it was with any word I know from English or any other language. It was like walking into a room but instead of seeing and smelling the room, you would become the room completely.

What Happens When You DieBecome the walls, the floor and the ceiling, you would have the experience of being the room its self.

Close to the shell of what was my body there was stillness, but as I moved, floated out and away more and more movement was happening. There were hundreds of millions of shapes, of different colours and sizes, mostly rounded, all moving in a flow with direction and purpose, similar to billions of cars on a thousand lane, multi-level highway. They were all moving towards where I had come from, the Earth.

I understood that these were other energies/souls/spirits or beings like I was, but instead, souls of plants or animals and insects. Everything was here creating this spectacular chaos as a result of coming here to have an experience on planet Earth in some form.

I continued to move out, away from the Earth and my body. The flow became more and more intense. I moved though the rush of energies/souls/spirits or beings without force, for the golden energy I was (we humans are), simply glided past other beings with a radiance, creating space around me, knowing the way, loving all other beings I came in contact with and continuing on. The further away from the inverted earth and body that I had left behind, the slower and less congested everything became, there was more space for everything, more and more until only a few balls or blobs of green or red and blue beings, whizzed by. By this point I was completely unaware of having a human body or ever being in “physical life” yet somehow the experience was transmitted to the mind of the body to be stored.

I continued floating out and approached two beings that were many times larger than I; they had a more golden, bright glow and the most warm, loving, friendly vibe I have ever experienced. Beyond them was a line of beings the same as I. All of these beings were waiting, unlike the other beings of plants or animals, for a turn to be a part of the physical world, to have a “life” in a human body.The large beings began to communicate with me through a voiceless conversation of feeling and sensation, knowing and understanding. It felt as though it was coming from within me, yet it is the most clear and accurate I have ever understood anyone, ever. It was a timeless – space less conversation, as though there were no separation between me and them. They became a part of me, to speak with me. Although there were no words spoken, they said something that resembles this: “Greetings beloved one, we are completely overjoyed to have you here with us again, we know who you are and we love you so unconditionally, beyond your capacity for love. You are completely divine and perfect in every way; you always have been and always will be”. The warm, loving, homely energy from them continued as they conveyed: that I had been here, in this cue, to enter the physical earth not so long ago myself. With that I continued on a little further.

Looking back to the inverted earth, now a huge ball in front of me, I saw the trillions of other beings entering into its field like a rainbow of colour. Some of them, the mucky grey-green colours were bouncing off again as though having trouble to enter such a beautiful place. I floated out a little further still and after some time had the thought of my physical body. This thought brought me quickly back down to where my body was peacefully resting. I slowly came back to normal awareness, filled and overflowing with all things amazing and wonderful.

Near Death Experiences – What happens when you die?                                       

Another study which caught my attention in the area of death was that of near death experiences (NDE). These experiences occur when someone is clinically dead. At least the body is dead, though the conscious observer (you or me) is having an experience which can be recalled upon return to the body. The timeframe for an NDE varies with some being dead for 30 seconds while others are clinically dead for up to 30 minutes or in brain dead comas for days or weeks. The studies in the field of near death experiences is extensive, with 100,000s of documented first had accounts and millions of the population claiming to have had the experience.

One report of near death experience was of a man who had a heart attack and passed away, 2 minutes later after the doctor had left the room he came back to life and said he had seen a white shoe on the windowsill two rooms up from him. One of the nurses went 2 floors up to the room directly above and found there was a white sports shoe on the windowsill. The man later explained that he had floated out of his body, out the window and began drifting upwards where he saw the white shoe on the windowsill. There are many reports of such instances where someone will die on the operating table or in bed and see an event or object during the period of “being dead” and when conscious again inside their body recall details that are impossible to know from the perspective of a dead body.

For many great reads visit the NDE Institute http://www.nderf.org/ For anyone still concerned about the validity of medical evidence on NDE’s as authentic afterlife experience the book: “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences” is a must read. Written by three doctors with case studies of 100,000 of people. Visit: http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/EvidenceAfterlife/evidence_afterlife.htm

If you contemplate the significance of this experience and the thousands more that doctors and other medical professionals have witnessed and documented it is impossible to deny the reality of a soul or an eternal, nonphysical aspect of yourself that goes on beyond the last breath of the body. We will all “die” one day, but the truth is more exciting, liberating and wonderful than most would have you believe.what happens when you die

Another report which, appears to have a very common thread among people who have had a near death experience, is that of leaving the body and moving through a tunnel of light. Scientists originally put this experience down to the fact that when the brain is shutting down millions of neurons and synapses fire all at once. Another explanation tries to say that the lack of oxygen to the brain causes the experience. The theories continue to develop as scientists continue to deny anything bigger than their microscopes. But truly, these explanations do not account for what happens next in people’s NDE’s.

From thousands of independent reports what happens next is almost identical in all cases. One moves upwards in the tunnel with the light at the end growing brighter and warm feelings of love, comfort and home become more present. As the light becomes close there are family, friends, role models or deities welcoming one into the light, welcoming home. Most are then shown events or situation in their earthly life which can be enhanced and with the blessings and love of non-physical friends happily return to their physical body to continue that experience they first came to have.

Many skeptics could still argue the science behind near death experiences and out of body experiences, saying it is created in the brain due to this study or that study and rightly so. So, to prove to those who want to use science as their ammunition, there is one case that cannot be disputed by anyone with a rational or skeptical mind.

A brain surgeon by the name of Eben Alexander, a man of science who knows the brain and how it works better than almost anyone on the planet, had an experience of the afterlife during a 6 day coma. His brain was dead, zero brain activity, for 6 days while he lay in a coma though during this time he had a whole experience of a non-physical world that he describes as “so real, this world seems like a dream”. His book, Proof of Heaven is an interesting read especially if you are new to the exploration of the non-physical world and can be found on Amazon here.

You Are Your Own Creator

So, with all that said it is hard to deny that there is something beyond the physical experience of living in a body and mind; it’s hard to pretend there is nothing after you “die”. With further understanding and by putting into practice these concepts, it also becomes hard to view death in the traditional sense, of being the end or even as a sad moment. Instead death of any individual is truly a joyful, beautiful and profound moment for them, regardless of the pain one may feel for them as they leave the physical world. The more one can let go of the pain the more one will feel the pure abundant love from where the beloved has returned to.

If you are religious you may be in fear of “judgment” or going to hell but these concepts are ideas bred by man as a tool for power and control. If you die with a good heart I assure you there is nothing to fear, you are more loved than you could possibly imagine. If you have committed actions that you feel are wrong then you have only yourself to face, you have only yourself to accept.

Through my own encounters with death I have learned to recognize and accept the deep sensations, deep feelings inside, which I used to associate with pain, depression or loss. However, making peace with these sensations has been my key to knowing that death is a beautiful thing, the most beautiful, joyous part of life.

It is never enough just to believe something; one must have an experience, or at least read enough to feel like they have had an experience, to truly know that something is really real, to completely understand that something is true. However, to believe, opens the possibility to have such an experience and without belief one is actively pushing such an experience away. To truly know what happens when you die makes living the most wonderful experience. I hope you have heard enough to believe that there is so much more to everything, even just a little bit. Know you are the creator of your own destiny, live your life with this in mind and discover every moment as though you were a child, with joy and excitement.