Yes you do own a magic wand…

Contrary to popular belief…

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are not really sure what step to take next and ask yourself the question, “What should I do?” or similar and in the next few moments, minutes; you hear words to a song singing your answer, you read a billboard, sign on the side of a bus, truck, car, you overhear someone mention a word or sentence, you pick up a flyer? Your answer appeared in front of you like magic. 

synchronicityWould you pass that down to coincidence or synchronicity?

Give this a little thought…is it really ‘only just coincidence’ that the questions you really needed answers to were shown to you? Is it really? Just coincidence? After all…good things come around rarely so that probably won’t happen again for a long time because it was ‘just a coincidence’ right? But…have you considered that your experience was actually a synchronicity? That a power far greater than we allow ourselves to believe is at work here?

Allow yourself these few moments to gently consider this: You are always guided. You always receive the answer to whatever question you ever want answered. Synchronous events always occur when you allow yourself to see them. Nothing happens by mere coincidences, this world we are living in is far more beautiful than that. Good things happen all the time. Life is on your side.

From my personal experience I have discovered that should you open yourself up to the wonder of synchronicity, you will always see it. It will continually be around you to guide you and lead you. You just need to open yourself to it by believing in it. I love witnessing and experiencing synchronicity because it assures me quite creatively, that I am on the right track and it banishes my doubts instantly. I then find myself feeling a great sense of satisfaction, relief, joy and a great knowing and trust that I am always looked after, guided, loved, protected. It is a truly soul-enriching experience!

I came across this beautiful article, The Synchronicity and Meditation Connection which tells on the writer’s personal experience of synchronicity and he beautifully explains how meditation is one of the key tools in allowing synchronicity to occur in your life. He says, “Perhaps you too have had a time where—to use the language of religion and spirituality—the Universe, or God, or whatever name you use, seemed to send you a message so loudly and clearly that it grabbed your attention.

Read the full article hereMeditation

Just to make your life a tad bit more magical…open yourself up to the synchronicity life offers you, for it is always leading you in the right direction.

If you are interested in trying out meditation or are looking for a meditation that can quickly raise your inner vibration, elevate your mood, open your heart to the magic that you are…Click here to listen to it, download it and read the summary. I highly recommend this guided meditation. It is short, quick, very effective and has been enjoyed by many: The Universe Visualization 

We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on your experiences with coincidences, synchronicities and/or meditation. Please feel free to comment to start a discussion.

With lots of love and light,