Endorphins are a natural hormone in your body that are released when you do certain activities. In turn, endorphins naturally combat stress. They help you feel good and are vital for a healthy life. Release Endorphins and Feel Great!

  • Exercise. You will find that when you are done with vigorous exercise, you feel good all over. Your heart will even feel stronger a few hours after you are done and it helps release endorphins.
  • Eat Dark Chocolate. Just one piece a day will make you happier, but like red wine, it is only good in moderation.Release Endorphins
  • Smile. Smiling will release endorphins which make you feel good.
  • Be Happy. Yes, it is weird that just having positive thoughts can physically change your body, but it can! Be optimistic and inspired.
  • Eat Something Spicy. You get a rush whenever you eat a chili pepper is because it is so hot. This can be done with other spicy foods too.
  • Laugh. This has to be true, not forced laughter. The deeper you laugh, the better. Watch a slapstick comedy, say funny jokes with friends, go up to strangers on the street and make funny sounds, pick up and read through the comics section of a newspaper – anything that gets you laughing.
  • Be Silly.  Make fun of your eating habits! Wear shoes on your hands! Brush your hair with a fork! (Just be careful not to pull any hair out.) Pretend you only have one arm (no offense to those who only have one — pretend you have no arms!) And your friends will like you more than when you were less silly (But don’t try too hard.) Always be true to yourself, the natural goofster you are!
  • Use Your Senses. We are so privileged to possess the senses of touch, smell, hearing and sight. Use them. Go barefoot outside. Put up a bird feeder in your yard and watch the birds eat breakfast each morning. Listen for the far off sounds of trains and planes. Breathe in the scent of a favorite flower. Be aware and appreciative of your surroundings. Release Endorphins with Mindfulness.
  • Include More Music, in your life! If you’ve ever had a bad day, you know that you just want to listen and enjoy music for a while. You focus on the sound of the music, that’s all you can focus on, which settles you down. You may realize that when someone’s listening to music on the bus, they’re just looking out the window, completely relaxed. So just listen to some of your favorite songs for a while, and relax!
  • Socialize. When you simply interact with other humans, endorphins will be released by your body. This is why healthy social interactions are essential for a person’s health and well-being
  • Deep Relaxation. When you fully relax, let go of the day’s thoughts and feel free again. Often this is when the brain reaches a Theta state. Through meditation this state can very easily be achieved and you can try out one of our guided relaxations or maybe a meditation. www.healing4happiness.com


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