If you’ve been paying attention, you probably know that vaccines have been a huge topic of discussion for a long time now, and a very emotional one as well. But regardless of which side of the debate we are on, our worries are well justified. We have seen many diseases emerge over the course of human history that we want to protect ourselves and our children from, and so we came up with ways to do that. The challenge is, our methods may have also increased our risk for developing other diseases and health problems, and we need to look at that side of the story.


Right off the top, we need to stop looking at it from a pro or anti vaccine stance, relying on blind faith and emotion to support our views. Both sides of the coin use propaganda to bash the other and this actually reduces a very serious conversation to hate fuelled and fact deficient bickering. The media has also done a great job of ensuring that questioning this topic is seen as sheer heresy to begin with. But there are real concerns and very real information backing those concerns to consider.

As a human race, we need to come together, drop all the arguments, and simply figure things out for the betterment of all — not for pharmaceutical gain, not because we’re afraid to change (or because we’ve ‘always’ done things this way), and not because we want to prove the government or ‘the man’ was wrong. We need to approach all things openly like this, in the spirit of community and collaboration.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is create a space for scientists to conduct unbiased research on this issue — to take 10 scientists whose research shows that vaccines are safe and 10 scientists whose research shows the opposite and get them in on an independently funded study, working together. This would ensure there is no fudging of science, results, data or anything by either side to produce desired results.


People have been very misled about a lot of public health issues in our world. This was made clear most recently when the Heart and Stroke Foundation released a new statement about heart health. They claim (finally) that saturated fats are actually not the problem, nor unhealthy, and it’s more about a well thought out diet than anything else.[1] The idea that saturated fats have been vilified and are actually very important to brain health has been going around for decades through people the mainstream considers quacks, yet as is so often the case, these people were proven correct a couple decades later when the mainstream finally caught up.

I believe we need to keep these types of track records in mind when we are presented with ideas that are new or alternative to what is currently accepted. We could start to slow the dissemination of poor health information in the mainstream, the belief in which is misleading people and causing them to lead less healthy lives.

Vaccine education is also very important. There’s plenty of misinformation out there on both sides of the coin and it’s causing confusion among the masses. Part of this is a result of lack of public knowledge, since it’s often difficult to find good information, and part of it is a result of the mainstream handing out inaccurate information to shape and manipulate public opinion.

A great example of that is with common diseases, which people believe vaccines eradicated completely. Yet in truth, they were either wiped out naturally or eliminated by some other societal upgrade. Why is this important to know? Because the more we know about what is ACTUALLY going on, the better we can stop responding to these issues emotionally and the clearer the picture becomes for how to move forward.

Here is a graph from the Journal of Pediatrics that illustrates how clean water and effective sewer systems caused the greatest decreases in most infectious diseases, not vaccinations.



Here is another key link for future reading that looks at vaccinations from an honest point of view.

Check out the video below.

Here is a transcript of the video for those who cannot watch it.

Ty Bollinger: But didn’t vaccines wipe out all the communicable diseases: the diphtheria, the pertussis, the polio, weren’t vaccines responsible for that?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (vaccine expert): You know, it’s interesting, because every time someone is new to this topic it always starts from, “Well, what about smallpox, what about polio?” Well, I do an hour and a half talk on that so I can maybe give you two sentences that say the answer is no. That less than 10 percent of the global population was actually vaccinated for the smallpox vaccine, and it was a virus that was dying out and becoming weaker over time, and when we introduced hygiene and refrigeration, that’s when the smallpox started to go away. And then, of course, it morphed into this other type of virus called monkeypox, and so smallpox is still around, it’s just given a different name.

The same thing with polio. The epidemic of polio in this country was well on its way out before 1954 when FDR released the polio vaccine. And we’ve seen nothing but travesty about that ever since. And the only places in the world that still report any polio are places that are using the oral polio vaccine, which is a live virus.

The other thing is that polio is not a synonym for paralysis, and that the vast majority of people don’t understand that 98 percent of people who actually were exposed to the polio virus, and maybe even contracted the infection [that] caused polio, it was nothing more than looking like a stomach flu. It was some diarrhea. It was maybe a little bit of fever, and it just passed through that you maybe thought you had food poisoning and then you had lifetime immunity to this gastrointestinal virus.

But we have done such an amazingly good job impregnating multi-generationally into people’s brains about iron lungs and little children with braces and people with deformed limbs. That happened so infrequently in the big picture, but yet we have this horrifying terror of polio when we really shouldn’t.

I mean we’ve spent billions of dollars around the world to eliminate that virus. What if we would have spent those billions of dollars on potable water and refrigeration and better hygiene? What could we have done with that?

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