A 2017 report posted in the prominent BioScience journal states that people who live in neighborhoods with lots of trees and greenery are less likely to be stressed out or to suffer from depression. This is according to research that was performed by the University of Exeter.
This is a very interesting point that could suggest that people who live in urban or indoor areas are often more likely to develop anxiety. But what causes anxiety to be a real problem? There are many good points that have to be explored.

Understanding Worries

Anxiety can develop in anyone who feels worried or stressed. This comes as a person might develop a general inability to focus or think about all the daily demands that one has to work with in life. In many cases, people who have anxiety are unable to keep their feelings under control. This is a problem that especially impacts adults although it might influence children in some ways as well.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety is often brought upon by a number of commonplace issues. It can develop as a result of issues like stresses at work or harassment from others. Sometimes personal health issues or stressful events that cause a great impact on one’s life can also be problematic.
It is critical for anyone who has anxiety to take note of one’s environment and lifestyle. Both factors can easily contribute to problems relating to trying to get a better life up and running.

Depression Is a Concern

Those who have a significant amount of anxiety in their lives can develop depression. This can be crippling and can be deadly due to the hopelessness and suicidal thoughts that one might develop over time.
People who live in poor environments can especially develop anxiety and depression. This comes from how difficult life in such areas can be and how there might not be much optimism in some of these spots.

Violence Is a Threat

Violence can especially be a concern. Less peaceful areas that are not as appealing and are difficult to live in can be places where assault and battery and other attacks may develop. This often causes people to develop anxiety due to the pressures that can be felt in such areas as these.

Heart Issues

There are also concerns that anxiety can cause one’s heart rate to change as the heart starts working improperly. The excess pressure that can come about from the heart working quickly can be rather concerning. It will be easier for any person who has anxiety to develop heart-related issues as a result of the pressure that might come onto the heart from all sorts of outside forces. This can be dramatic and substantial and therefore has to be controlled properly for a better overall life.

Our Environments Make an Impact

The environment that one lives in can directly make an impact on whether one suffers from anxiety, as the report from the University of Exeter from earlier states. There are many considerations that especially deserve to be explored:

• People who are around in more peaceful environments often feel more at ease. These include areas with plenty of trees, birds and other natural features.
• Those who have access to more health-related services can also benefit from better lives. This comes as they will be treated for all sorts of health problems sooner without being at risk of significant harm in any form.
• Those who live in open areas that are not prone to violence may also develop less anxiety. This comes from a lack of fear in an area.

It always helps to get into a positive environment that is conducive to more positive feelings and attitudes. Anyone who is suffering from anxiety or depression could notice that such great environments might be easier for people to live in without problems.

It is especially critical for people with anxiety to contact their doctors for help. It always helps to get a proper analysis from a professional who understands the concerns that many people have. It may also help for people to get a clear understanding of what causes their issues relating to anxiety to become worse. Getting help by being in a more positive and peaceful environment that doesn’t entail many harmful features will always be important for all people to look into.


Dr. John Sommersby, a Neuroscientist; writes on health related topics. Neuroscience and the healing of brain-based disorders is a particular interest of his. He has been an advocate of neurological rehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury for the past twenty years.


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