Classical Guitar for Focus & Concentration – Ace Exams with Study Music


Study Music

Relax and ease your stress with this beautiful piece of guitar music. This music is great for studying, concentration, focus and memory. This guitar study music is also embedded with ocean waves and Alpha Waves to give your brain a boost. You will be able to study, concentrate, remember information and focus incredibly easily compared to listening without this music. The secret is our special blend of Alpha Waves, a type of BiNaural Beat.

Alpha Waves in Study Music

Research shows that listening to Alpha Music such as this piece can reduce anxiety up to 40%. With a calm, relaxed brain it is simple and easy to achieve or absorb information much faster.


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To get the benefits of Alpha Waves with your own favorite music.

Study music will calm a busy mind which allows focus, concentration on the task at hand. This means you can study without difficulty or distraction, enjoy your study time and pass exams easily with top grades. We include BiNaural Beats in study music which gives massive added bonus when compared to other music. Memory retention and other cognitive abilities including focus, concentration, attention span, test results, academic life etc are greatly enhanced. Study Music from Healing4Happiness has proven results with millions of people. Our Alpha BiNaural Beat (embedded in all study music) increased grades by 72.3% in 2015. When it comes to final exam time, make sure you are listening to our music and you will get the best grades ever! Study Music for Final Exam Study Time.

Focus Music

Focus music is a major key factor in effective learning practices. When we are able to focus on our task at hand we can easily understand the things or the information we need learn. Focus music also increases our productivity. A focused student or employee will perform better with their task or work. Listening to focus music will surely increase your attention span and you will have a better understanding. Focus music is very calming, relaxing and very much like chillout music that will relax you as you listen to the music. Focus music unlike other music, will not distract you. While listening to a focus music track, you will feel like you are subconsciously meditating while working, that is what our focus music can do. Focus music helps you focus on your work without even realizing it. With our focus music, you will notice that you’ve done a lot in a short period of time, leaving you with much more time for leisure or personal time for yourself.

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves as we all know are one of the most relaxing sounds we could ever hear. Often times when we feel sad, anxious, overwhelmed, we often think about or go the beach or sea side to think and listen to the ocean waves. The sound of ocean waves are very consoling, easing and reassuring, we feel good and relaxed whenever we hear it. Embedded ocean waves in our study music is a perfect recipe to helps us relax while we study or just relax in general.