Easy Astral Projection


Astral Projection is a profound experience of learning to leave the physical body resting while the astral or energy body travels freely.

This audio track has been designed using the research of several sources to create a BiNaural Beat that will assist you in performing astral projection easily. It will also aid in keeping this state of awareness.

Duration: 2 Hours

Format: MP3 – 320kbs

Album Details

This BiNaural Beat for easy astral projection should be used with other techniques for astral projestion, for best results.

There are many easy ways to astral project and many people who try do not put in the correct effort or practice to succeed at this brilliant discipline. To be successful you will need to take 30 minutes to practice your chosen method. stick with one method. Do this 6 times within the space of 6 weeks in order to be successful with astral projection.


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