Full Body Relaxation


Full Body Relaxation is a great tool to rid yourself of stress, to relax yourself into a good state before bed or as a sleep aid if you are not able to fall asleep with ease.

Duration: 1hour

Theta BiNaural Beats embedded for a deep relaxation experience and NREM sleep.

Format: MP3 – 320kbs

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You will be guided to let go of all tension, stress or worry with this full body relaxation by means of giving focus to each part of the body. You will be led to observe each part of the body, notice all the feelings in each part of the body, then move on to the next. Each part of the body that has been observed will feel so relaxed. From head to toes, you will pass over the whole body in 20 minutes. The soft music will keep playing for a further 40 minutes, where you can feel more deep in the relaxation or if you so wish, drift off to sleep.

What can I expect?

You fill find yourself slowly becoming more and more relaxed as the guidance leads you into a state of peace. As you focus the mind on the body and what it is feeling, the self talk or mental dialogue will begin to ease and the cause of stress in the body will be at rest. With the mind in an occupied state where no further stress can be made, the body will start to let go of “stress” and relax. When the focus moves over the whole body, each area will become stress free and relaxed.

The results of this full body relaxation depends on how strong your will is over your mind. If the focus on the body is kept to at least 50% (the other 50% being random thoughts) then the results will be very good and you will feel very relaxed and/or a great state of calm and peace in the body and mind.

Listen to a Sample:

  • Full Body Relaxation


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