Healing Yourself – Relationships


A gentle, healing exercise and meditation to guide you through an important process of healing yourself from the past and present results of relationships.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Format: 320kbs – MP3

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It is a vital part of life to desire true love, it is in our nature. One of the grandest teachings we are learning now, is the ability to love ourselves as a first step before truly loving another. On this journey of relationships, we find ourselves consciously or unconsciously wounded in one way or another and these wounds need to heal before we can genuinely move forward. Healing yourself will free your heart, mind and soul and nourish you, allowing you to live everyday in the magnificence of love. This sets the vibration for the people and circumstances you will attract into your life in the future.

Kind note: The examples of experiences given in the beginning of this exercise by no means suggests them to be experienced by everyone. They merely serve as examples to set the tone for the meditation.

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  • Healing Relationships


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