Higher Self Meditation – Become Higher Consciousness – Kundalini Activation


Higher Self Meditation is a powerful guided meditation to allow you to connect with your higher self. Access your higher consciousness and indirectly activate kundalini. This meditation will take you to a place of higher consciousness, although practice may be required to experience full results.

Duration: 10 Minutes

Format: MP3 – 320kbs

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Higher Consciousness is a new way of life! To reach your higher self and higher consciousness a clear mind, focus and dedication is required, then with this Higher Self Meditation you can experience the amazing states of higher self and higher consciousness that exist.

Higher Self Meditation is a very powerful meditation and should only be used if you are familiar and comfortable with altered or higher states of consciousness.

To prepare yourself for this experience:

  • Ensure that your mind and body is balanced and well fed.
  • Open your energy centers – with yoga, chi gong or five Tibetan rights.
  • Clear your emotional energy.
  • Do a mindfulness meditation or other meditation to focus your mind.

The ideas behind this Higher Self Meditation are not new to humanity, they have been around for centuries. To read more please check out this link on Wikipedia.

“Joy is an attitude; it is the presence of love – for self and others. It comes from a feeling of inner peace, the ability to give and receive, and appreciation of the self and others. It is a state of gratitude and compassion, a feeling of connection to your higher self.”


Higher Consciousness Meditation – in every day life.

It all very well to use a powerful too to have peak spiritual experiences. This is what many of us look for and love about life and that is wonderful. Perhaps the most fulfilling way to live life even. But when one learns to live on a higher level of consciousness in day to day life, more amazing things begin to happen. As you begin to operate on higher levels of consciousness, and increase these levels the peak experiences also become more intense and much more expansive. For example this higher self meditation could give you an experience 5 times the level of when you were not practicing to increase your consciousness in daily life, moment to moment.

Well enough said, here is an article from Reality Sandwich that gives a few key points on how to live at a higher level of consciousness.



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