Natural Cure for ADD and ADHD

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This simple audio is designed to improve the life of those with ADD or ADHD by balancing the hemispheres of the brain, reducing or removing hyperactive thoughts and improving concentration.

Simply listening for 20-40 minutes per day will begin to have lasting effects. Try this for your child or yourself when you are doing home work or when you want to relax at any point in the day.

The effects will help speed up the brain and lower the level of hyperactivity and increase focus for this who have ADD or ADHD.

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If this is used in conjunction with a diet high in Omega 3 fatty acids and an exhausting workout program you will experience relief from ADD or ADHD within 2 week. This method has good scientific backing, a study from Stanford by Thomas Budzynski, Ph. D. shows that listening to these tones for 20 – 40 minutes per day “appeared to improve the cognitive functioning of ADDH / ADHD / ADD” The study showed that students increased in I.Q. after listening for a period of 30 – 40 minutes. To read the full article on how this audio can help your child with Attention Deficit Disorder (Hyperactive) or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder see the full paper here:

Get your child off meds and let them live a proper life without the side effects of medication. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) effects one in ten children today an the rates is only increasing. With the use of medication for ADD and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) the brain of the user is being manipulated and changed in unnatural ways which we don’t know the long term effects of. Instead of taking prescribed ADD or ADHD medication or even if you are, try a natural approach:

  • Stay away from stimulants
  • Eat a health, Omega 3 rich diet
  • Use this tool for 20+ minutes per day, twice daily
  • Practice a good dose of tiring daily exercise
  • Take up a form of mindfulness meditation

Within a week you may have noticeable changes to your ADD or ADHD symptoms with this Natural Treatment. If you have any further question please contact us.

2 reviews for Natural Cure for ADD and ADHD

  1. Shahn

    Works for me!

  2. Jillian

    Do you realize that you just told the fix all to almost every childhood hyperactivity issue? You stated that with nutrition, Omega-3, and physical activity for 2 weeks that there would be improvements with ADHD…Are you making a joke with this page? Is this website really suppose to make fun of all those diet and weight loss infomercials on T.V. that try to convince you they have the cure all for obesity with their little pill. BUT, of course the fine print says it only works with healthy nutrition and physical activity. . . NOOOooooooo?. Physical activity, working out your heart and lungs, Completely tiring your body’s built up ATP (that is energy, for the people who believe this page), and exhausting your biological vessel that produces too much Hyperactivity so that it no longer has a vast storage supply REALLY WORKS????? Are you serious? How could we all have not found about about this miracle cure before now? Oh, Oh, Oh, and are you trying to tell me that eating healthy nutrition (that stuff you chew and put into that body of yours so it can make ATP (energy, remember?), that goof vitamins, macro molecules, and hydration, minerals, and lets not forget about that OMEGA-3 supplement causing heart disease(oops. . . I mean “FIXING/Preventing” Heart disease), that if we treat our body in a healthy manner, work off the extra energy, and take an OMEGA 3 supplement saying which you are sacrificing your circulation and blood vessels (in trade to feel more intelligent because we all heard it helps with intelligence based on the hip ration in caveman days), that in 2 weeks we will be better, with less energy, increased relaxation and tiredness, and feeling better inside too? OH WOW… Thank you for that. Bravo! Really, Thank you for the LOl! We all had NO IDEA we would release extra energy by working it off biologically. . . and btw, ADHD is not simply a disorder for hyperactivity and energy, it is a mental disorder involving neurotransmitters (Dopamine 😉 wink wink…. Wait!!!….Question…”After a few weeks, doesn’t your body release enough DOPAMINE/Endorphines into your body to stimulate your “HAPPY” receptors, and that your body actually become addicted to the high you get after prolonged time of consistent work outs?. . . I think that’s why they call it, “The Runner’s High.” Eating poorly, living a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of modern day disciplinary actions for misbehaving or acting “wild” is a cause-and-effect way for the brain to actually rewire itself resulting in the change of function and neurological pathways for cell communication in your brain. and with lack of medical assessment, new age LAZINESS in medical practice and using the “quick forms” of diagnosing ADD and ADHD (which now society thinks must be accurate based on being sedentary themselves and watching T.t. with the new, “Fad”), that is the cause of over dosing, overdiganosis, and also the reason you have this pretty little website made in 2015. Improper diagnosing of normal children (who should be stimulated with proactive parents, as you instructed earlier using physical exercise), Billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical company’s preying off the innocence of the new/ignorant/lazy generation (who like to call themselves parents) and the need to cover up the “Boo-Boo,” rather than assess and address the real cause and issue at hand, is why you get away with twisting your site’s advertisement, glorify your name as a medical genius, and make a profit of your lack of integrity. ADD and ADHD is real, but it is highly misdiagnosed and descriptions of wonder products like yours, without clearly identifying what you are actually selling to customers (who most likely take practice in blind-buys for ADHD and ADD with “fix” all product descriptions and not properly ensuring your credentials), could possibly end up really damaging the child’s growth and developement because they trust either lazy/money hungry doctors, or they trust their parents who should be doing everything to advocate for them. What you are selling, however, is honorable and you should make money from your efforts, but you should conduct your energy in a different and more up front manner to fully be able to say you represent all of you natural and honorable/earthly cures for medical diseases. You are selling health, but you are possibly selling future brain damage as well if the wrong person forces their “ADHD” child to listen to brane waves intended for actual ADHD patients AND VICE VERA, which is much worse. You are selling health…I gave this 3 starts, only out of the fact that obviously learning how to train your brain to function in different a frequency can help ANY person with cognition and learning. It needs to be practiced more than 2 week (that is just a selling eye grabber for buyers to get excited because OBVIOUSLY the natural tactics of living healthy will make you feel healthier and satisfied believing this was the key to success). HOWEVER, ADHD and ADD are real medical condition,s and listening to the wrong beats (thinking you are relaxing, when in actuality you have a completely different brain function and chemical insufficiency), can result in an even more agitated patient with Brain chemical imbalances. This could even evolve into a worse medical condition on the move to a mini-bi-polar disorder, and throw in depression and your fix all “Brain waves,” BAM!!!!!!! We have a mental health patient who started out really just needing more fruits/veges/supplements/physical activity into someone who could potentially harm themselves and/or others. Please post your Medical degree if you are going to claim to fix a real chemical medical disorder of the brain….Not sure if you heard recently, but I think I heard once that the brain and how it functions is a little important in our overall wellness and healthy state of life/living. . . Just a tiny bit, not too important, so go one, trick people to believing listening to wave lengths is the key when really, they should seek medical council first. Now you get the stars because you are tricking society into living healthy, but you are also being unethical by selling the idea as your own product and beats for them to listen to. I think I am ready for one of your deep relaxation or Magical Dreams album to fix my nightmares and calm a spinal fracture now. How much money do I owe you?. . . No, but in all seriousness, Guys, Nice job!!! Your site is really beautiful and very awakening im sure to some people. I like the light feeling it has and the stories you post, but it would be better if information posted was not untrue to make money. The sun does not set because it falls out of sight, the world turns in it’s existences.

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