Natural Sleep Aids|5 Albums for Perfect Sleep


This Sleep Package – Natural Sleep Aids, contains five of our leading edge, sleep aid audios. These natural sleep aids each contain 7-25 minutes of guidance to send you off to sleep, along with soothing music and BiNaural beats. The BiNaural beats have been purpose made to take the listener into a deep state of sleep. Our research has shown that these BiNaural Beats have dramatic, positive effects on the body and the brain and will naturally help you fall into a state of deep sleep.

Duration: 1 to 1 ½ Hour / Album

Format: MP3 – 320kbs

Album Details

Top 10 benefits of a good night’s sleep:

  1. Improves your memory
  2. You will have a longer life expectancy
  3. Lessen inflammation
  4. Increase/spark your creativity
  5. Improve your physical/athletic performance
  6. Sharpen your attention
  7. Help you maintain a healthy weight
  8. Reduce stress greatly
  9. Reduce/avoid accidents
  10. Decrease any anxiety and depression

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Take the trouble out of falling asleep with a great variety of music and guidance to send you off into a deep, well deserved, restful sleep every night.

Package Includes:

    1. Peaceful Sleep – Sleep Aid  1:02:09 
      • Peaceful Sleep
    2. Full Body Relaxation  1:02:00 
      • Full Body Relaxation
    3. Complete Deep Sleep – Sleep Aid  1:00:00 
      • Complete Deep Sleep - Sleep Aid
    4. Away in the Clouds – Sleep Aid  1:00:09 
      • Away in the Clouds - Sleep Aid
    5. Sound Sleep: Magical Dreams – Female Voice 1:35:44 
      • Magical Dreams - Sleep Aid - Female Voice


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