Why Should I Meditate?


It is evident that humanity is finally leaping forward into a higher state of consciousness. The world is learning that meditation is more than just a spiritual practice. We are opening ourselves up to the powerful tool that meditation truly is, while science is trying to make sense of the conscious states that meditation unfolds in the human mind and body. In the practice of meditation, we awaken the truth of who we are, that has for years been kept dormant deep within us, until now…


It is the study of the inner-world, mind and body, through which one connects with their true nature as a higher being and learns to live from this place within, where peace, calm and happiness and oneness lives.


Some might say that the mere fact that meditation has roots spanning back into ancient times, before the age of Christ, is proof enough of the importance of the practice for the human state of being. Recently however, meditation’s profound effects have gained a strong interest from the scientific community. They are now studying the effects of meditation on the mind and body. It is the nature of science to fragment it’s focus of study into different parts in order to come to one conclusion, but with the recent study of the effects of meditation, the scientific world is having to admit that the mind and body cannot be separated. Therefore, science now understands that the mind is the cause and the body is its effect. They work together as one whole.

Through research, it has become apparent that meditation can boost the function of the immune system and studies show that daily meditators tend to be healthier and more vibrant. With the understanding that the body and mind work as one unit, it makes perfect sense that meditation has such great healing effects on the human condition. Admitting that the busy lifestyles we live stresses us out and realizing that it needs to be tamed, is the first step to being more healthy. We are constantly in the pull of doing, doing, doing, leaving less or no time for ourselves, which is really important. We clench our jaws, grind our teeth, bite our nails, and suffer from insomnia, stiff necks and road rage. We are stressed out! Multiple studies link so many diseases as a result of stress. Heart related disease, cancer, depression, addictions and mental illness are just a few symptoms of stress. In Time Magazine, August 2003, in an article called Just Say Om, writer Joel Stein puts it frankly: “Compared with surgery, sitting on a cushion is really cheap.”

One will find many studies which show meditation to relieve stress, promote inner calm and a balanced state of mind. One example is a 2011 study, which found that full time workers, who spent a few hours each week practicing meditation, reported a significant decrease in job stress, anxiety and depression or similar mood. Read more about the effects of stress here »

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Sure, are you prepared to read a super long list? If so, you can have a look at www.ineedmotivation.com. It gives you a list of only 100 reasons to meditate.

Here are the main points of what meditation can do for you:

  • Stop heart disease.
  • Guided MeditationRelease built-up stress.
  • Foster positive experience and intention.
  • Decrease insomnia, depression and anxiety.
  • Increase production of the anti-aging hormone.
  • Lower cholesterol levels.
  • Increase focus.
  • Reach a state of deep inner-calm.
  • Expand awareness.
  • Opens us to new insights and ideas.
  • Increase emotional balance.
  • Ease pain from chronic disease.
  • Realize happiness.
  • Vibrant health.


Due to the fact that meditation has been around since ancient times, different religious sectors all found their own unique way to reach what is the common goal of enlightenment and therefore, there are a variety of different meditation techniques available.

Our current and modern lifestyle has made the form of a guided meditation practice very popular, as it is the best way to reach higher states of inner-calm and peace, in a short time. A guided meditation is one in which a person guides another on a journey through the mind in order to assist the meditator to reach high vibrational states.

Our guided meditations are created for this purpose. You will be taken on many different journeys and learn how to find your deepest sense of inner-peace. You will be taken on journeys of self-healing and learn self-acceptance. You will be taught the techniques of mindfulness and learn to use the power of gratitude to manifest your dreams. This gives a few examples of the many journeys you can take with our selection of guided meditations.

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